Know Yourself, Know Your Self – Part V


I’m the kind of human being you can contact, whenever you need to talk, whenever you feel like you have no one else to talk to or when you have things to talk about, you just can’t share with friends or family. That is one of the reasons why I started that nonprofit. Not just to collect mnoey, but to provide a place people can turn to when they feel alone. All it takes sometimes is a little trust from your side and an ear, time and heart from someone like me.

I know what it means to have someone because a long time ago, when I needed an ear desperately, there was one person that took the time to listen to me. And that is why I feel like I want to give back to people what I have received. I know it is going to help a lot.

I haven’t made the world and not everything that goes wrong in it is always my fault. I just live in this world and part of the journey of live is to find your place in it. There are things I can’t change and I have accepted that fact.

But there are things that can be changed and I am here to help making this change.


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