Know YourSelf – Part I

I am a positive person.
I believe there always is a way, a choice, a way out, not matter what the situation or problem is. There are a million ways and if one doesn’t work, try another.
If the road is blocked, go back to the last intersection and try another route. It might take longer but you will reach your destination eventually.

I make mistakes. I’m not perfect. Nobody is.
But I believe in second chances.
I have the strength to apologize when I know I am wrong or made a mistake.
I do try to fix it.

Just don’t try to project your shortcomings on me, don’t blame me for something you have done wrong. I know how to look at a situation and point out where I might have went wrong.

I know when it is time to say I am sorry and when it is time to receive an apology. This is one of the things that keep me at peace with myself – another thing is being truthful.
I don’t lie. And I’m not trying to. Being wrongfully accused of lying is one of the greatest insults a human being can experience. And for someone like me who always keeps it real with everybody at any time, this is a very painful and soul wrecking experience I wouldn’t wish on nobody.

Be honest – always! If there is nothing I have to blame myself for, nothing to feel guilty about, I am at peace with myself. And nobody can blame you for something you aren’t responsible for. If you have cleaned up the mess you made, can’t nobody throw dirt at you and expect you to do the cleaning for them.


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