Sociopath -‘it’s your fault I lie – stop asking me questions’


Dating a Sociopath


As we know, Sociopaths do not feel ‘guilt’ ‘remorse’ or ‘shame’ for their actions. If you try to think about their behaviour with a normal analysis of YOU, you will only end up confused, and at a further loss as to why they can behave this way.

Sociopaths feel a sense of superiority over their victims. Being without conscience, they do not feel bad for their actions. They do not care about your needs, or how their behaviour is affecting you.

It can be very stressful being with a Sociopath, as they are not only compulsive liars, their lying is also pathological. This means that they lie, deliberately to manipulate, con and deceive their victims, for their own benefit. It is all an act. They KNOW what they are doing, they lie deliberately to deceive you.

From your point of view, you see it that they deliberately hurt you. From…

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