Dear Mr. Police, dear society

Community Spirit Uplifting

I need help, too, at times,
but I’m afraid to call, then die,
by the hand that’s supposed
to protect me and my children’s lives.
How can I trust you when I know,
you were drilled to kill.
I’m driving my car, feeling like
I’ve just taken a suicide pill.

Can I really live freely,
when all I ever see
is how this country keeps violating my right
to be presumed innocent until proven guilty?
And whatever happened to
all humans are born free
and equal in rights and dignity?!

Am I not human to you,
is that why you shoot,
hunt me down, murder me
and execute
my sons and my daughters,
my sisters and brothers?
In my street alone
I know three mourning mothers.

Because their husbands and sons
caught bullets and cases.
I see scars on their hearts
and tears on their faces.
I live in a…

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