A dedication



I am a young lil lady,

With potential, you said,

You saw my pain and my tears,

Then noticed my talent.

Took the time and read

Every word that I wrote,

Understood and decided,

To help me get back on the raod.

I had gotten off track,

without knowing what had happened,

vulnerable and lost,

bout to give up, when you stepped,

into my life

couldn’t believe it, but this was true

a deep and spiritual connection

between me and you.


A still sometimes

Today I am asking myself

How blessed I was back than and still I am

That I deserved your help.

Talked bout what exactly you saw in me,

You said

A rough little diamond I would be.

And if taught the right way and given advice,

I could make it big

A blessing in disguise.

Back in the day too young to yet understand,

Why you had this view

To fully get what you meant,

Years it took me a few.

Now that I know,

all I can say is, Thank you, boo!


When I was suicidal,

It was only three words,

You said “you are precious”,

You will change the world.

Had never heard someone

Saying something that strong,

Lifted me back up,

Made me wanna move on.

The written pieces

You left behind for me,

They are what I live by today,

You see,

These were words of wisdom

And reality, They were truly meant to be,

That’s why I chose to share them

With those I feel are in need.


Of a real true word,

Spoken from the heart,

You never bit your tongue,

Rather spit some hard

Truth into everybody’s face

no matter what,

Most couldn’t handle it

They wasn’t ready for that part!

You loved to walk the stony roads,

Rather than going easy,

Preferred to go hard at things,

Instead of sounding sleazy.

And today every night

Im looking at the brightest star,

In the sky, that is you,

Living eternally, You know who you are!