November 2018

⇒ Gang violence in Georgia getting worse

March 2018

The most dangerous gang in Atlanta

⇒ Recent gun crime – gang and drug-related

⇒ March for Our Lives

⇒ 101 Freeway Near Echo Park – Body Discovered

⇒ One dead after drive-by shooting in Lincoln Heights

⇒ L.A. Barred From Enforcing Gang Injunctions

⇒ Community leaders unveil new plans for keeping teens out of gangs

⇒ 1 dead, 1 hurt in shooting in The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks

⇒ Chicago gang violence increasingly spilling into funerals

⇒ Gang member charged with trying to kill CPD officer

⇒ Mom: Years after gang boss’ murder, ‘my hurt is no less than another mother’s’ | Chicago Sun-Times

⇒ Officer-involved shooting in Fontana

⇒ 1 dead, 1 critical in Valley Glen shooting

⇒ Moreno Valley Shooting

⇒ Shooting at Little Village auto shop – 2 dead | Chicago Sun-Times

⇒ Bridgeport gas station shooting

⇒ Two people wounded in Riverdale club shooting | Chicago Sun-Times


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