Domestic Violence and Abuse

by Tina de Benedictis, Ph.D., Jaelline Jaffe, Ph.D., and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. and

Every day we hear and read about domestic violence cases, where a man or woman is suspected of murdering their intimate partner, with or without a previous history of domestic abuse.

What makes a person turn from loving and living with a person to beating them up or murdering them? What kind of a person uses domestic violence or domestic abuse against their spouse or intimate partner? What kind of person thinks it is okay to continually humiliate or talk down to their life intimate partner? What kind of a person has sex with their partner without the person’s consent?

A common pattern of domestic abuse is that the perpetrator alternates between violent, abusive behavior and apologetic behavior with apparently heartfelt promises to change. The abuser may be very pleasant most of the time. Therein lies the perpetual appeal of the abusing partner and why many people are unable to leave the abusive relationship.

On the following pages we want to give you an overview of the types of domestic abuse,  signs of domestic violence and what may cause people to be abusive.

Are you in an abusive relationship?

Follow the link below and try to answer the questions. The more questions you answer with yes, the higher the possibility that you are in an abusive relationship! Seek help if you can answer the majority of the questions with ‘yes’!

What are the signs and symptoms of an abusive relationship? 

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