Forgotten souls


Back then two forgotten souls found one another,
we weren´t prepared for each other
a love right from the start sentenced to death,
killed by a society´s endless wrath.
But we tried.
Every day and every night
we saw the pains of this world
from the same point of view.
Two of a kind
trying to make it through.

Wanted to show to the world,
the raw truth uncut
with all its cruelty,
but the world
wasn´t ready to see
the anger and danger
in young peoples eyes,
now its too late,
the world mourns in disguise.

This world is built on power struggles,
vain and lies,
no place for pure hearts,
but a true word never dies
Minds wide open,
eyes filled with pride,
We showed our kind there are more ways,
no need to hide
Many didn´t listen, but at least we tried
and with only one soul healed
a million tears were saved from being cried.