To start creating a more healthier self-image, many people think that it is helpful to use self-affirming statements.
These statements help you to keep yourself reminded of the good and positive qualities you have in order to provide you with strength and resilience when you confronted with distressing or iritating circumstances. These sorts of statements will guide you and keep you focus on the positivity that is hiiden underneath your sometimes overwhelming emotions. Self-affirming statements remind you that you are a caring peron who is equipped with the tools need to deal with an upsetting circumstance in a more healthier way.

Example: Self-Affirming Statements

Here are some examples of self-affirming statements. Check (…) the ones you’re willing to use, and then create your own:

(   ) “I might have some faults, but I’m still a good person.”

(   ) “I care about myself and other people.”

(   ) “I accept who I am.”

(   ) “I love myself.”

(   ) “I’m a good person, not a mistake.”

(   ) “I’m good and nobody’s perfect.”

(   ) “I embrace both my good and bad qualities.”

(   ) “Today I take responsibility for everything I do and say.”

(   ) “I’m becoming a better person every day.”

(   ) “I’m a sensitive person who experiences the world differently.”

(   ) “I’m a sensitive person with rich emotional experiences.”

(   ) “Each day I do the best I can.”

(   ) “Even though I forget sometimes, I’m still a good person.”

(   ) “Even though bad things happened to me in the past, I’m still a good person.”

(   ) “Even though I’ve made mistakes in the past, I’m still a good person.”

(   ) “I’m here for a reason.”

(   ) “There’s a purpose to my life, even though I might not always see it.”

(   ) “I radically accept myself.”

(   ) Other ideas:

A few people think that its supportive to compose their self-avowing statements on file cards and afterward post them throughout their homes. One lady wrote her statements on her restroom mirror with an erasable marker so it was the first thing she saw every day. One man composed his on a sticky note and updated it as often as possible on his PC as he worked. You can help yourself to remember your self-affirming statements in any way that works for you. Pick a method that will remind you many times during the day. The more frequently you are reminded, the more it will help change the way you think about yourself.


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