Self-Soothing Using Your Sense of Taste

Taste is also a very powerful sense. Our tongue has distinct regions of taste buds on it to differentiate flavors and tastes of food. These sensations can also trigger memories and feelings, so again, it’s important that you find the tastes that are pleasing to you.

However, if eating is a problem for you, such as eating too much, bingeing, purging, or restricting what you eat, talk to a professional counselor about getting help for yourself. If the process of eating can make you upset or nervous, use your other senses to calm yourself. But if food soothes you, use some of these suggestions.

Check (…) the ones you’re willing to do, and then add any activities you can think of:

(…) Enjoy your favorite meal, whatever it is. Eat it slowly so you can enjoy the way it tastes.

(…) Carry lollipops, gum, or other candy with you to eat when you’re feeling upset. Eat a soothing food, like ice cream, chocolate, pudding, or something else that makes you feel good.

(…) Drink something soothing, such as tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Practice drinking it slowly so you can enjoy the way it tastes.

(…) Suck on an ice cube or an ice pop, especially if you’re feeling warm, and enjoy the taste as it melts in your mouth.

(…) Buy a piece of ripe and juicy fresh fruit and then eat it slowly.

(…) Other ideas: ____________________________________________________________




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