Self-Soothing Using Your Sense of Vision

Vision is very important to humans. In fact, a large portion of our brain is devoted solely to our sense of sight. The things you look at can often have very powerful effects on you, for better or for worse.

That’s why it’s important to find images that have a very soothing effect on you. And again, for each person, it comes down to individual taste and preference.


Here are some ideas. Check (…) the ones you’re willing to do, and then add any activities that you can think of:

(…) Go through magazines and books to cut out pictures that you like. Make a collage of them to hang on your wall or keep some of them with you in your handbag or wallet to look at when you’re away from home.

(…) Find a place that’s soothing for you to look at, like a park or a museum. Or find a picture of a place that’s soothing for you to look at, like the Grand Canyon.

(…) Go to the bookstore and find a collection of photographs or paintings that you find relaxing, such as the nature photographs of Ansel Adams.

(…) Draw or paint your own picture that’s pleasing to you.

(…) Carry a picture or photograph of someone you love, someone you find attractive, or someone you admire.

(…) Other ideas: