Statute of Community Spirit Uplifting (CSUp)



Statute of Community Spirit Uplifting

  • 1 Name

1.1. The association is called Community Spirit Uplifting (CSUp).

1.2. After its registration in the register of associations at the Local Court (Amtsgericht) of Magdeburg the association carries the suffix “e.V.”.

  • 2 The association has its head office in Magdeburg, Germany.
  • 3 Purpose and Tax Relief

3.1. The association shall only pursue goals which are directly of a non-profit making nature, as defined in the section “Purposes Eligible for Tax Relief” of the  German Tax Code.3.2. The mission and goals of the association are

3.2.1. aiding the youth and the elderly,

3.2.2. fight against drug abuse,

3.2.3. support of people in need,

3.2.4. encouraging and promoting the protection of marriage and family;

3.2.5. Promoting the advancement of internationalism, of tolerance in all areas of culture and of the concept of international understanding (§ 52 sec. 2 sub. 1 no. 7, 10 and 13 Tax Code)

3.2.6. crime prevention.

3.2.7. promoting and protecting the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

3.3. The under § 3.1 – § 3.2.7 mentioned goals of the association shall be achieved through

3.3.1. the establishment of a network of help and care for children, young adults the elderly and people in need, considering their personal living conditions and circumstances with the goal to enable them to participate equally in the daily life within society by promoting care, leisure activities and the protection of families to reduce the impact of poverty on health, development and educational opportunities through promotion of education; to help them using their personal resources and support and motivate them to achieve their life goals by promoting sport, culture and the international understanding the development and promotion of daycare, physical and mental fitness programs in cooperation with parents, volunteers and other interested institutions. to strengthen parenting skills through training programs; to help in coping with everyday life, especially supporting people when dealing with authorities and help for families coping with everyday problems and in exceptional situations in the form of support in finding professional help.

3.4. Assistance in integration and reintegration of young people and adults into society, especially through support and assistance in housing and employment and help to establish social contacts, particularly by organizing community gatherings and meetings to improve peaceful social interaction.

 3.5. Writing letters of appeals to governmental authorities by members and supporters of the association and the initiation of petitions with the goal of preventing or terminating serious violations of human rights;

3.6. Conducting international headline-grabbing campaigns as well as general press and public relations with the goal of informing and sensitizing the public, especially on human rights issues, political persecution, racism and social injustices and urging people to act to prevent or terminate serious human rights violations, as well as

 3.7. additional actions, such as  3.7.1. the preparation and implementation of programs, discussions and other events,3.7.2. the publication of reports and information materials, 3.7.3. the promotion of local and international volunteer work in the Federal Republic of Germany and the World to promote human rights and to fulfill the statutes’ purposes,3.7.4. nonmaterial and financial support for projects at home and abroad with the goal of informing, preventing or terminating social injustices and human rights violations.

3.8. In addition, the association may support other nonprofit organizations, corporations and public corporations as well as foreign corporations, public corporations and nonprofit organizations financially and ideally to help

3.8.1. aiding the politically, racially or religiously persecuted and refugees,

3.8.2. improving education, adult education and vocational training,

3.8.3. promoting the advancement of internationalism, of tolerance in all areas of culture and of the concept of international understanding (§ 52 sec. 2 sub. 1 no. 7, 10 and 13 Tax Code).

3.9. The support of other organizations as in § 3.8 is achieved in particular by raising funds, through membership fees, donations, and through events that serve the ideal advertisement for the purpose funded.

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Statute Community Spirit Uplifting (German)

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