Adolescent gang members and mental health (2)


The prevalence of psychiatric disorders in detained youth is greater in comparison to the counterparts in the community (60–70% versus 20–25%). Youth who are detained have increased rates of psychiatric co-morbidity; ethnic and gender differences have been identified There are higher rates of psychosis, anxiety, antisocial personality disorder, suicide attempts, alcohol dependence, and drug dependence in young adult gang members in comparison to violent and non-violent men; however, both gang members and violent men had a lower prevalence of depression.


Know Yourself, Know Your Self – Part III


I love to encourage people to help me or to inspire them to go for their goals.

Just actively do something positive for your community and get beyond the ‘dreaming’-stage. If you know a single mother in the neighborhood that is struggling and it is the end of the month. Bring her a bag of groceries. If you know she has a baby, bring a pack of diapers, too.

Or just plant flowers in your front yard. Make it an event for the whole neighborhood on a Saturday. Planting first and after that y’all come together for a BBQ or something.

No guns – just fun!

An event like that, not only makes the neighborhood look better, more friendly and peaceful. It also has an effect on you. It is not just planting flowers. You are doing something positive for yourself, too. And coming together and getting to know each other helps building trust in the neighborhood.

Of course, there will always be some fools around who don’t or do not want to understand that message but for the majority of the people in the neighborhood those little things could make the difference. This is what I want to collect money for. It’s called healing the hood from the inside out. If people don’t have the money for things like that –it’s not gonna happen.

But if they would receive money from a nonprofit organization, I’m convinced that many people would be with it and participate.