Unconditional Love


There is this love without feeling pain,
that is what I believe in,
Love that’s unconditional,
everyone is seeking,
Only few will find it,
that is for sure,
But its there, on another level,
very strong and very pure,
And if you love from the bottom of your heart,
I tell ya, this love someday will hit you,
unexpected, powerful and hard.

Every time I surrender one piece
of my endless love right into your passionate hand,
You satisfy my desires,
with that great sacrifice no one else could ever grant.
This bond between us, the strongest,
It will be lasting in eternity for once and forever,
maintaining all negative, sustaining all bad,
keeping these souls connected, never sever!

False incriminations, accusations, medial denounciations,
at times can make a man go crazy,
A ruptured, hurt and damaged soul
is trying to kill my baby,
Please, let me hold you tight,
don’t hesitate to cry,
cuz even soldiers sometimes have to,
at least they have to try,

Allow me to caress and kiss
and heal this tortured figher,
After all that you have seen in the past,
life only can get brighter.
Let me carry away this excruciating, stabbing ache,
please, please, let me help you.
I´m standing right here, by your side
and together we will be getting through.

Now you’re gone, up there in heaven,
too far for me to reach you,
What I´m keeping is the memory
of every second I was with you,
It´s right here in my heart
and I´m awaiting that day,
When finally someone has a heart
and hears me pray.
The only way possible,
to ever feel some happiness again,
Is to stand right by your side in paradise,
but until then,
I’ll keep on praying, keep on wishing,
watch the days pass by,
Yet, no one seen my tears rolling,
nobody heard my desperate cry.