You and me


I’m not you,
you are not me,
but I am, like you, strong
and at times I feel weak.
You get upset,
angry, irrational, too,
just like me,
‘cause I’m human,
just like you.

I breathe to live,
the same air I inhale,
but you measure my worth,
with a different scale.
I yell injustice,
you yell defense,
I’m confused
and ask you,
what are you defending
yourself against?

I walk my dog,
you walk yours,
on the same street
we even buy the groceries
at the same stores.
Our daughters
from kindergarten on
have always been friends,
last weekend, they decided
to go to a dance.
Police picked them up
both high as a kite,
they let your child walk free,
not so mine,
do you think this is right?

Last week I applied
for the same job as you,
my application got trashed,
yours made it through,
and although I earned
the very same degree,
I stay on welfare,
while you can be free.
And I ask myself,
what is the difference
between us two,
am I not human,
just like you?